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Git Handbook - Introduction to GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages are public webpages easily hosted and published through GitHub. We can use GitHub Pages to create a simple project website. The content of GitHub Pages can be modified easily through GitHub repository.

This guide will help you to create your website.

Step 1: You have to login to your account and create a new repository

Step 2: Upload your source code to your new repository and this website will use index.html as a main page of your website.

Step 3: To begin setting up your website, you have to go Settings


Step 4: In Settings, you will see GitHub Pages section.


For using Source, click on None then choose master branch and your website will be published at

If you want to use Jekyll theme, you can choose in the Theme Chooser and there are serveral themes for you. GitHub Pages will create your website based on a Jekyll theme and your file.




Using your custom domains

Custom domain allow you to serve your site from your domain. Firstly, you should setting your domain server and update custom domain on GitHub Pages.


Then, you create a CNAME file on your repository.