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Microsoft Resources

Microsoft offers a various of resources for students who want to learn about technology and develop in-demand skills. One great place to start is Microsoft Learn, a free and interactive platform that provides step-by-step tutorials, hands-on labs, and learning paths on a variety of topics, from programming languages to cloud computing to data analysis.

In addition to Microsoft Learn, students can also benefit from the Microsoft’s Developer Blog, which offers insights and updates on Microsoft’s latest tech and tools, as well as tips and best practices for developers. Meanwhile, the Cloud Blog covers the latest trends and innovations in cloud computing, including Microsoft Azure and other cloud services. Together, these resources provide a robust learning environment for students looking to further their knowledge and skills in all things tech. Best of all, they are open and accessible to anyone who wants to explore, learn, and grow.

If you are interested in learning about Microsoft technologies, improving your development workflows, building applications and services on the cloud, engaging with the Microsoft community, or just keeping up with the latest tech trends, these links are for you.